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We Are Here For You

We Are Here For You

A global outbreak this year has caused much uncertainty for many of us. As organizations perfect the art of working remotely and effectively, Zpixel is here to support your digital initiatives and help your organization emerge stronger from this turbulent time.

"Life is either a daring adventure

or nothing at all."

– Helen Keller –

Negative To Positive

Negative To Positive

In the continuous race to support and fulfil consumer needs, it leaves little time for organizations to improve their marketing initiatives. During this period where businesses slow down with less physical meetings and collaborations, it opens up possibilities for organizations to revisit and explore new marketing opportunities especially in the digital realm.

Strategise & Be Prepared

Strategise & Be Prepared

As your organization tackles the present challenges, it is also important to look ahead. When the economic recovery approaches, organizations which are far-sighted and have strategically prepared themselves for the future will take the lead.

zpixel – Your Digital Marketing Experts

Here in Zpixel, we are accustomed to an ever-evolving digital space. We strive by constantly exploring and re-inventing ourselves to meet new challenges and exploit new possibilities. We believe in partnership with businesses and supporting them to stay one step ahead, by strengthening their digital presence in preparation for the future.

Why Zpixel

Why zpixel

At Zpixel, we excel in establishing clear processes and understanding our clients’ needs to propose practical solutions that meet their requirements. With effective and efficient communication at the core of our workflow, we work closely with our clients and partners to deliver quality work on time without fail – even with complex projects and tight timelines. We always establish clear expectations before taking on a project and are upfront with our clients on any issues so that we can work out a suitable plan together.

Being in the digital space, we are comfortable working remotely with our clients, running campaigns and delivering our services through digital means without even having to pick up the phone. We also take pride in our wide network of strategic partners that allows us to support our clients with a one-stop, end-to-end marketing solution.

Discover Our Process

Project Brief
STEP 1 - Project Brief
Client  –  Project Brief
Zpixel  –  Requirements Gathering
STEP 2 - Analysis
Zpixel  –  Research, Analysis and Proposal
Client  – Confirmation to Proceed
STEP 3 - Design
Zpixel  – Drafts
Client  – Feedback
STEP 4 - Confirmation
Zpixel  – Final Draft
Client  – Confirmation
STEP 5  – Delivery
Client  – Approval
Zpixel  – Satisfactory Delivery

Case Study

View a case study of website design and development from one of our projects.

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Case Study

Client reached out to Zpixel with the intention of revamping their existing website.

  1. Content

    The website content lacked cohesiveness as the copy was lengthy and difficult to comprehend. The organization’s mission and aims were not clearly stated on the Homepage and navigation of website was not well-optimized.

  2. Design

    The layout of the website was slightly confusing for first-time visitors and lacks consistency across all pages. Inadequate visual aids and images to engage and capture audience’s interest.

  3. Technology

    Unsatisfactory Content Management System (CMS) which is not user-friendly.


To increase engagement value of web content and improve web design to attract volunteers, organizations for the disadvantaged and corporations for partnership opportunities.

Client  –  Project Brief Zpixel  –  Requirements Gathering
  • Client shared their objectives, goals and what they would like to achieve with this website revamp.
  • Zpixel Team obtained client’s assets (Corporate Identity kit and image assets) and gained a deeper understanding of intended target audience groups.
  • Established a clear understanding of what the client had in mind before commencing the project.
  • Zpixel Team liaised with client mainly through emails and calls.
Zpixel  –  Research, Analysis and Proposal Client  –  Confirmation to Proceed
  • Zpixel Team researched on websites in the same field and did an in-depth competitors’ analysis on website content and design.
  • Defined Content Marketing Strategy and proposed content and design recommendations that were suitable for client’s objectives.
  • Proposed solutions for client as they wanted to have a separate site/page for their events (e.g. ‘Tech for Good’) and eventually decided on building a microsite that is hosted on the same server as the website, but ran separately (while maintaining the same branding style).
  • Consolidated proposal was shared via email.
Zpixel  –  Drafts Client  –  Feedback
  • Upon client’s green-light, Design Team proceeded to determine suitable concepts and designs with UI/UX considerations, matching practicality with aesthetics.
  • The Design Proposal consisting of 3 sets of designs, as well as the full-size visual JPG drafts, were shared with the client via Dropbox for their review and selection.
  • Rounds of feedback with the client ensued to perfect the drafts based on client’s requirements.
Zpixel  –  Final Draft Client  –  Confirmation

With the client’s approval on the final design draft, our Development Team commenced front-end development for the website.

  • While the team built the front-end (HTML5/CSS3/JS), a significant focus was placed on mobile responsiveness as the selected design was challenging to adapt for mobile view and to ensure that the Responsive Web Design worked well.
  • Zpixel Team ensured that the site followed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guidelines where possible.
  • Upon completion of development, HTML codes were uploaded to Zpixel staging site for multiple rounds of testing and checking on our end.
  • Staging links were then shared with the client so they could view, test and provide further comments.

With the client’s approval on the staging links, our Development Team proceeded with the back-end CMS integration, while making adjustments where required based on the client’s feedback.

  • Google Analytics (GA) tracking and other Integrations which were required were added.
  • Multiple rounds of rigorous testing and checking for both front-end and back-end were carried out.
  • CMS Documentation was developed to facilitate client in updating their site.
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Client  –  Approval Zpixel  –  Satisfactory Delivery

Once the client was satisfied with the website and provided the final approval, our Team proceeded to push the website LIVE and provided all relevant access details/documents to the client.

Professionalism and outlook of revamped website are boosted with an appealing website.
  • Content are structured and organized for easy navigation and understanding.
  • Increased speed and ease of update with robust CMS.
  • Increased number of visits to client’s website with restructured web content and improved web design.
  • Client is able to manage web content independently with minimal support (e.g. uploading and editing).
  • Drove traffic to client’s newly revamped website through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) using Google Ads
    • A Google Ads campaign plan was set up by the Zpixel team, outlining the different Campaigns and Ad Groups to be implemented, the objectives and strategy behind each Campaign/Ad Group and the respective Keywords that would be essential for success
    • With access to Google Ads provided by client, we created the Campaigns and Ad Groups, and composed the Ads with reference to the plan.
    • Determined and executed suitable bidding strategy.
    • Analyzed SEM data and adjusted the ads to optimize results.
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Stay Ahead

Stay Ahead

How organizations deal with adversities in times like this is what sets them apart. While it is not possible to anticipate all challenges ahead, it is essential that we plan and be prepared for those that we can. Let us help you achieve your goals and we will be there by your side to ride the wave of changes and come out stronger.

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