Website Development Checklist

Years of field experience have led to battle-tested and finely-honed procedures in the design and development process. That is why we can guide our clients and create responsive websites and apps which are impactful across a variety of devices. We also offer customised CMS solutions for clients to easily edit various aspects of their web pages. Beyond just visual appeal, we focus on the whole picture, including marketing effectiveness and brand image.

In our journey navigating the digital sphere, we have forged a strong niche in the design of web interfaces (UI/UX) balancing both form and function. For front-end development, we work with HTML5 and CSS3. On the back-end, we use PHP and RoR to deliver web applications, and for Sharepoint .NET development, we work together with our partner, Init, to deliver solutions.

Our competencies in design, front-end and back-end development allows us to oversee any website development from start to end, while our clients continue to focus on their own core competencies.

1. Strategy & Planning

Objective & Goals

• Purpose
Determine the purpose your website serves

• Plan
Sitemap, Number of pages, Gallery, Forms, Shopping Cart, Membership etc.


• High-quality Content
Effectively communicate to your target audience.

• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
SEO to organically improve search ranking.


• Social Media
Drive traffic to your website via Facebook, Twitter,

2. Service Providers

Domain & Host

• URL Address
Register an address that represents your business

• Hosting Package
Considering the nature of your website/business.

Web Security

• SSL Certificate
The nature of your business will determine the levelof encryption required.

3. Design & Development

Wireframe & User Experience (UX)

• User Flow
UX – Functionality and usability

User Interface (UI)

• Attractive and Captivating Design
Customised to best represent brand image.

Display Output

• Responsive Web Design (RWD)
RWD that is fluid and respond to fit any screen size

• Compatibility with Multiple Screen Sizes
e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari

• Short Loading Time

4. Analytics

Data Analytics

• Track Performance
e.g. Google Analytics – Visits, interaction, andconversions etc.

Evaluate & Follow-up

• Analyse Data Collected
For insights to optimize goals for your websites/business

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