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Website Development

Years of field experience have led to battle-tested and finely-honed procedures in the design and development process. That is why we can guide our clients and create responsive...

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Designing for Web: RWD vs AWD

First, let us understand how the two designs work: Responsive design (RWD) alters your website layout to adapt to screens of different resolutions through breakpoints in CSS.

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Designing for Mobile

We view these devices of differing screen sizes from different distances and this affects the optimal size of the elements in the banners e.g. fonts, call-to-action (CTA) buttons...

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Pixel Density, Mobile Resolution, Pixels & Points

A pixel refers to the smallest unit that makes up what you see on screen. It is a physical unit and screen resolutions refer to the number of pixels on your device’s screen.

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An Introduction to
Content Management

In a nutshell, the CMS is the interface or presentation layer of your database which contains important information from your business. Databases aren’t easily...

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Common Dimensions you should know in Responsive Web Design

The latest version of the popular CSS framework for mobile, Bootstrap 4, has breakpoints as follows: if the end user’s screen is smaller than 576 pixels, show the smartphone layout.

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